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Boss Character Zbrush Sculpt

This is my newest Character Sculpt. Based on the Concept artwork by Xavier Ramonède I Finally got around to messing around with Substance painter here are some renders. end poly count is 6100, part of me wanted to shave off the

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Figure Drawings!!!

So now I fully use my free time on Monday’s to practice 2D artwork, mainly right now working through  Mattesi’s Force book   I found a new resource, The Croquis Cafe, on YouTube, which makes a 20 min videos that

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New Toned Sketchbook, Maiden Drawing

So In trying to start a new local sketch club, I bought a sketchbook to test if it would be a good fit for beginners. Here is the first drawing in it. Roughly a hour and a half, in colored

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Office Update

Spent another day Modeling, texturing, and lighting. Sadly still missing 90% of the stuff that goes in the room. more realistic lighting then before.

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Day 2 of building out my office.

Added more detail around the window, including frame and molding. Added radiator, outlets, polished chair and added more detail to desks and cabinets. Roughed in the books, and board games. added carpet, not sure if I’m happy with the texture

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Texture update on Dreadnought

Once again working on the Dreadnought,  this time working on the Arms and Textures

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