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Figure Drawings!!!

So now I fully use my free time on Monday’s to practice 2D artwork, mainly right now working through  Mattesi’s Force book   I found a new resource, The Croquis Cafe, on YouTube, which makes a 20 min videos that

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First Delve into Drawing with FORCE

So After A night of Procrastinating I decided to draw a few 3 min sketches, using the techniques I’ve learned in Mattesi’s Force book. My Cintiq died and I lost around 30 drawings, so I plugged it back in and

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Started Body

Started the Body, however did not go into tons of detail because most of this will be covered up with clothing and armor. used Dynamesh for everything. Trying to figure out what is next in the Zbrush pipeline.

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Today’s daily sketches

Well was doing Zbrush but ended up frustrated so drew a bit in my sketchbook, roughtly an hour for all of them together.  

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Decided to draw Elizabeth. Work in-progress

Elizabeth Work in Progress Finished Bioshock infinite. Loved the game, Decided to draw Elizabeth, this is still very much a work in progress. Done in photoshop.

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