First Delve into Drawing with FORCE

So After A night of Procrastinating I decided to draw a few 3 min sketches, using the techniques I’ve learned in Mattesi’s Force book.

My Cintiq died and I lost around 30 drawings, so I plugged it back in and fired up Manga studio again and cranked out 5 more. these 3 were the best of those drawings.

This Idea of simplifying my lines into only what is necessary to portray motion and emotion is hard. In the drawing above I really like the legs and the left hand.

My Main goal is to have my drawings look less stiff, I look at my work and they feel like Cardboard cutouts.  There are so few lines but i hope it reads well

This is my stiffest drawing of the night. I could have pushed her shoulder blades closer together, giving more attention to the weight on the arms.

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