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Another Zbrush bust

Going to showing some co-workers the basics of Zbrush. Messed around for about 5 hours trying to figure out the best way to explain some stuff. I think we will create something similar.  

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Very Quick Polypaint

This character is more for demo purpose, so I didn’t detail the model or paint her up nicely, this should do for now. I might come back and re-do the entire thing to be more realistic, but still playing around

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Added Armor and really got into subtools

So this was the first time i worked with Sub-tools and polysets, I really Enjoy them. gonna make my workflow a lot nicer. next is the detail level.

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Started Body

Started the Body, however did not go into tons of detail because most of this will be covered up with clothing and armor. used Dynamesh for everything. Trying to figure out what is next in the Zbrush pipeline.

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Artemis Face

So jumped back into Zbrush after a hiatus of doing non-work related 3D projects. tonight messing around with the face of the Artemis character. Still getting the hang of Zbrush, its so different then 3Ds Max.

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Start of 3D Project

Quick drawing today, hopefully will be turning this into a Model then animated it. but for right now its a nice concept i have. background was found on Google.

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