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Today’s Artist Matt Groening

Today is a quick one, Matt Groening, famous for The Simpson tried a self portrait. really hard to draw character on style

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This is the finished version of my Bioshock, Drew Struzan drawing. Not terribly impressed with my own coloring Job, so here is the black and white version also.

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Start of Drew Struzan tribute

So last night I started my tribute drawing in the style of Drew Struzan. His artwork is legendary. I have a few of his pieces over my house. my favorite being of course the Back to the future movie poster

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Cats, Cats, and Cats

Lots of cats

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Giant Robot

Just picked up Titanfall, designed a titan. First robot a drew in a long time. it was fun getting away from skin tones for a bit.

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Today’s Daily Sketch – Gil Elvgren

Today I got  Gil Elvgren as my artist I was going to emulate his style. I really Like the drawing however it doesn’t feel like an Elvgren picture. Tomorrow – Giant Robots

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Quick portrait sketch of a woman

Been busy for a few days so tonight i sat down before bed and sketch soon ill jump back into the artist.

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Fabric Study

Today I took a break from artist and decided on doing a fabric study. I very rarely draw fabric because I do not feel comfortable in rendering it properly. This was somebodys Dress at the 2014 Oscars.

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Tex Avery Wolf

Tonight’s drawing was a quick one. I just drew tex Avery’s wolf Character.  After this I really want to push myself not to just draw a particular character of the artist I am trying to learn from. This one feels

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Pocahontas Colored

Today’s sketch, Pocahontas, in the style of Adam Withers. Next up for tomorrow – Tex Avery

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