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More WildStar Fan art

This time a Female Dominion Noble

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Another herd animal in Zbrush

Working in Zbrush decided to do a Rowsdower from WildStar an upcomming MMO from Carbine Studios

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A few of today’s sketches and a great yard sale find

Started off with a few figure drawings, ended up with this portrait Then worked on more WildStar fan Art. I’ve jumped on the hype train and gonna be riding all the way to Release day. And as a side note,

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Today’s daily sketches

Well was doing Zbrush but ended up frustrated so drew a bit in my sketchbook, roughtly an hour for all of them together.  

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Z-Brush Daily Sketch

I’ve made a routine, three days of Zbrush stuff, then two days of my current “big” project, with sprinklings of digital drawings mixed in. This is what I accomplished today. Its a rendition of the Jurassic Park style of velociraptor.

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WildStar Fanart

WildStar is an upcoming MMO From Carbine Studios. I saw some of the Concept artwork for creatures and figured I would try my hand at fan Art. Zbrush Original Concept by Cory Loftis¬†Diddn’t do the grass sticking out of his

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Back after Vacation,

After a Refreshing Week down in Flordia jumping back into learning Z brush again. about an hour. Fantasy Pigman

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