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Zatanna Sketch

Another Super Hero

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New Character Gidget

My new character, Gidget. Made mostly to practice animation, This is a quick render and no fancy shaders yet.  

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New Game Project, Early Teaser

Working on a new VR Video game, Early Teaser Image

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Another Zbrush Face

Still practicing Zbrush. this is newest attempt on a female face

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Prince Caricature

This was my Caricature of the Late Prince.

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Toad Soldier sketch

Zbrush sculpt Original 2D drawing done by MzM

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Finishing up Body Rig

Finishing up Muerta Body Rig. next is the face rig. gonna try bones, never did them before. first image is with bones, controls, and helpers second image is just mesh and controls    

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Muerta the Swordmaiden Finished in Zbrush

So Today I finished the model in Zbrush, there are a few small details i’m gonna add in 3DS Max. and I have to figure out to get the model, texture and detail out of Zbrush and into Max. Next

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