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Figure done in Zbrush

  Figure Sculpture from Justin Land on Vimeo.

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New Game Project, Early Teaser

Working on a new VR Video game, Early Teaser Image

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Another Zbrush Face

Still practicing Zbrush. this is newest attempt on a female face

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Zbrush hand

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Zbrush Bust

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Older woman sketch

another day messing around in Zbrush 2 hours

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Toad Soldier sketch

Zbrush sculpt Original 2D drawing done by MzM

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Muerta the Swordmaiden Finished in Zbrush

So Today I finished the model in Zbrush, there are a few small details i’m gonna add in 3DS Max. and I have to figure out to get the model, texture and detail out of Zbrush and into Max. Next

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Skull For Swordmaiden

So Sketched up this quick skull, Maybe 30 min including color. Going to be one of the sword maidens trophies,

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Worked on Body

Looking more and more like the Drawing, i’m going for someone with powdered skin, so she isn’t really albino, but its some weird tribal thing. started on the fur and ¬†Armor. Fixed the face so she looked less joker.

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