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Character Sculpt


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Boss Character Zbrush Sculpt

This is my newest Character Sculpt. Based on the Concept artwork by Xavier Ramonède

I Finally got around to messing around with Substance painter here are some renders.

end poly count is 6100, part of me wanted to shave off the back of the Eye/Eye Socket Geometry. Sadly I don’t think it would get me to an Even 6k.

Quite happy with this Character

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More pics of the Sorceress

Beauty Render For Print


Close Up of The Sorceress 



Turn around of the Zbrush

Beauty Render of Just the Face

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The Vessel

Another Quick Sculpt. based on the Concept by Dhenzel Dbeng

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Zbrush Character Scuplt.

After some time away, on vacations and Diving back into more MMO’s I’m back working on some new projects.

A WIP character model I’m currently sculpting, Original concept from Namgwon Lee. for a Korean Challenge

This is basic block in of shapes, and materials. now to go back and clean up all  items. then onto Retopo.

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Figure Drawings!!!

So now I fully use my free time on Monday’s to practice 2D artwork, mainly right now working through  Mattesi’s Force book


I found a new resource, The Croquis Cafe, on YouTube, which makes a 20 min videos that mimics a figure drawing class in college.

Here are the results.

First all of the Quick Sketches during the video, ranging from 1 min to 5.

This is the first that I refined
The Color is simple but smooth, and the Weight of the character feels realistic.

Here is the second fleshed out Sketch

I am also completely rethinking The way I color my fast sketches, as I’ve been trying to find a way to get nice smooth result that I can produce after spending a ton of time blending.

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Comic Book Characters

Learned about Tone sheets, so i figured I would give them a shot. here are 2 Character Portrait

I really like the emotion I put into the characters, I think the female works better but the Hair on the male was a ton of fun. looking at it now I feel like i over did the tone on the male, and wish there was more definition on his Eyes.

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First Delve into Drawing with FORCE

So After A night of Procrastinating I decided to draw a few 3 min sketches, using the techniques I’ve learned in Mattesi’s Force book.

My Cintiq died and I lost around 30 drawings, so I plugged it back in and fired up Manga studio again and cranked out 5 more. these 3 were the best of those drawings.

This Idea of simplifying my lines into only what is necessary to portray motion and emotion is hard. In the drawing above I really like the legs and the left hand.

My Main goal is to have my drawings look less stiff, I look at my work and they feel like Cardboard cutouts.  There are so few lines but i hope it reads well

This is my stiffest drawing of the night. I could have pushed her shoulder blades closer together, giving more attention to the weight on the arms.

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New Toned Sketchbook, Maiden Drawing

So In trying to start a new local sketch club, I bought a sketchbook to test if it would be a good fit for beginners.

Here is the first drawing in it.

Roughly a hour and a half, in colored pencils on a toned sketchbook.

I am also trying to learn more about drawing the figure and have made some mental changes to my approach to figure drawing.

I have picked up Force: Dynamic Life Drawing, by Mike Mattesi. As I wanted to Really expand on the teaching i received in college for life drawing. This was a book that was recommended to me, by my Professor, and sadly I never picked it up. In wondering what my drawings would look like with Mattesi’s technique,  I’ve decided to go back, and read and learn from that book

I’ve also trying to change up my workflows, Scheduling of projects, allowing myself to become engrossed in a piece or project. Even writing more in this blog instead of Just posting images for posterity’s sake. I don’t know if it will actually happen, but I can only hope I am going to be Enriched and grow as an Artist through these changes.

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