The Gentleman

A gentlemen. Speed Sculpt Bust

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Been A while

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A cola for Gil

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Character Sculpt


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Boss Character Zbrush Sculpt

This is my newest Character Sculpt. Based on the Concept artwork by Xavier Ramonède

I Finally got around to messing around with Substance painter here are some renders.

end poly count is 6100, part of me wanted to shave off the back of the Eye/Eye Socket Geometry. Sadly I don’t think it would get me to an Even 6k.

Quite happy with this Character

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More pics of the Sorceress

Beauty Render For Print


Close Up of The Sorceress 



Turn around of the Zbrush

Beauty Render of Just the Face

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The Vessel

Another Quick Sculpt. based on the Concept by Dhenzel Dbeng

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Zbrush Character Scuplt.

After some time away, on vacations and Diving back into more MMO’s I’m back working on some new projects.

A WIP character model I’m currently sculpting, Original concept from Namgwon Lee. for a Korean Challenge

This is basic block in of shapes, and materials. now to go back and clean up all  items. then onto Retopo.

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Figure Drawings!!!

So now I fully use my free time on Monday’s to practice 2D artwork, mainly right now working through  Mattesi’s Force book


I found a new resource, The Croquis Cafe, on YouTube, which makes a 20 min videos that mimics a figure drawing class in college.

Here are the results.

First all of the Quick Sketches during the video, ranging from 1 min to 5.

This is the first that I refined
The Color is simple but smooth, and the Weight of the character feels realistic.

Here is the second fleshed out Sketch

I am also completely rethinking The way I color my fast sketches, as I’ve been trying to find a way to get nice smooth result that I can produce after spending a ton of time blending.

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